Oreo Kisses For Valentine’s Day

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Show your loved ones how much you care about them with these cute Hershey’s Kiss inspired Oreo treats!

They look like kisses, act like kisses– all wrapped up by hand with love. The taste however, is quite the surprise. Try them yourself!

You’ll Need:

1 package oreo cookies
1 8oz. package softened cream cheese
chocolate bark

1. Finely crush all but seven cookies in a ziploc bag and crush until they are very fine.
2. Stir softened cream cheese. Mash together with a large spoon.
3. Roll mixture into 1″ balls and place on a cookie sheet with wax paper.
4. Begin to form the “kiss” shape. Flatten the bottom and form a point at the top
5. Immediately place uncoated balls in freezer to prevent the mixture from falling apart.
6. Melt chocolate as directed on package and then dip “kisses” one at a time into chocolate, then slide them off spoon onto the wax paper to dry.
7. Once dry, refrigerate and enjoy! Oh yeah, just eat the extra seven cookies.

Final Details:
1. Handwrite your messages or create them on the computer. Cut out the strips.
2. Cut up some square sheets of aluminum foil 5.5″ per Kiss
3. Place dry kiss in center and wrap the foil. Insert message and seal the foil at the top with a press of your fingers. Voila!


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