Easy Homemade Cheese Strings

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All you need are THREE ingredients!

How To Make Mozzarella (String) Cheese

It is so easy to make delicious Mozzarella cheese. All you need are THREE ingredients!*  One gallon milk – be sure it is not Ultra Pasteurized. Look careful for the UP code – it can be placed anywhere on the milk containe.
Whole milk, 2%, 1%, skim, raw, or goat milk all can be used for making this cheese. Whole milk is best.* Citric acid
*  Rennet

* measure 1 1/2 tsp citric acid and dissolve in 1 cup cool water
* dissolve 1/4 tab or 1/4 tsp rennet in 1/4 cup cool water

* Pour citric acid mixture into pot. Add 1 gallon cold milk quickly to mix well with citric acid.
* Heat slowly to 90 degrees.

* Remove from heat and slowly stir in rennet mixture. Stir in an up and down motion for 30 seconds.
* Cover and let sit undisturbed for 5 minutes.

* Check for curd and whey separation. The curd will look like custard and the whey will be clear. If there is not a clean break let sit a few minutes longer.

* With a knife that reaches to the bottom of the pot, carefully cut the curds into 1 inch squares.
* Return pot to stove and heat to 105 degrees while stirring slowly.

* Remove from heat and stir an additional 2-5 minutes.

* ladle into a colander and then into a bowl
* Pour off whey

* Heat in microwave for 1 minute  The cheese should be almost too hot to handle.
* Knead cheese, microwave two more times at 30 seconds each, kneading between each heating, folding it over itself. The cheese will become shiny and smooth. Pour off the whey as you go.
* Add salt if desired. I added 1 tsp cheese salt. Do not use Iodized salt. Non-Iodized sea salt or kosher salt is fine.

* Now it’s time to stretch your cheese like taffy. Stretch again and again – This is what will give the string cheese it’s trademark texture.

* Now form into a ball and pinch off pieces to roll into string cheese. Or grate. Or eat as is!

* Drop finished pieces or ball into ice water to cool
* Refrigerate
* Enjoy!

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