Chocolate Covered Oreo’s

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A quick method to make a fancy looking dessert – why not! I love this recipe, mainly because of it’s ease to turn into a romantic Valentines Day idea.

You’ll Need:

1 bag chocolate candy melts (we chose pink)
12 Oreo cookies
1 cup white chocolate candy melts
Special Tools: chocolate cookie mold , Plain Cookie and Wilton Decorating Squeeze Bottles


1) Melt half the pink chocolate as per instructions on the bag. Spoon about a tablespoon of the melted chocolate into the bottom of each well, then gently press an Oreo into each.
2) Spoon more chocolate over the Oreos, making sure to get the sides between the cookie and the edge of the well.
3) Refrigerate for 1 hour.
4) Remove from the mold and place the cookie onto parchment paper. Melt half white chocolate in a small bowl, then transfer to a squeeze bottle.
5) Drizzle the white chocolate over the tops of the chocolate covered oreos.
Repeat with the steps with the remaining ingredients.


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