7 Crazy Good (or just crazy) Hot Chocolate Recipes

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In celebration of our cities annual Hot Chocolate Festival (does your city have one too?) we have come up with our favorite list of wacky, outright insane hot chocolate recipes. How about some potato chip hot chocolate? Click each photo for a corresponding recipe.



The “Phaun’s Fancy” from CocoaNymph‘s lineup (named after the Classical Gods), unites chocolate with cheese and nutmeg.



A ”Twisted Romance” of Belgian chocolate and Australian natural black licorice.



Festival newcomer, Koko Monk Chocolates will fly chocolate lovers straight to Bollywood with ”The Brunette Bangle“.


Crazy Good Hot Chocolate

Ouch! Mink Chocolates takes a playful stab at the Food Network with “Paula Dean’s White Trash Train Wreck” - a caloric spectacle of milk chocolate, condensed milk, salted Kettle Chips and whipped cream. 

#3 CABERNET (Red Cocoa):


Wine lovers will want to take a spin with Terra Bread’s “Call Me a Cab” - a joy ride of chocolate, red wine, cinnamon and pear. 



Groovy, baby! Leonidas Chocolates captures the artistic temperament with ”Boho Secret” - a performance piece of honey, black pepper, peppermint and turmeric.



Take the batteries out of the smoke detector! Thomas Haas Chocolates’ ”Campfire” will be smoldering with smoked Hawaiian sea salt and smoked caramel.

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