10 Food Hacks For Kitchen Masters

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1. Use a balloon to make perfect edible chocolate cups!

(via Diply.)

2. Seperate each bananas before it ripens. and your bananas will stay fresh longer!

(via Life Hacker.)

3. Bake your eggs – Set an oven to 325F and bake any amount of eggs for 30 minutes. Best method without hard boiling.

(via Greetings from the Asylum.)

4. Avoid round golf ball burgers, put a dent in the center for perfect patties!

(via Mom Filter.)

5. A cheap hack for the BEST homemade pizza!

(via Life Hacker.)

6. Make your own taco shells at home. Preheat oven to 375F, warm the bread until soft and malleable. Spray and cover as seen below:

(via Eating Well.)

7. Don’t use ice cubes, make your own cookies and cream cubes with milk & crushes Oreo cookies. Way better, and it won’t dilute!

(via Oreo’s Facebook.)

8. Chart to tell you which teas taste best at which temperatures

(via Imgur.)

9. Create your own bacon weave like Epic Meal Time. Have those tasty bar style BLT sandwiches that you love

(via Imgur.)

10. This test will tell you whether or not you have fresh eggs!

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